How Coffee Affects The Human Body: The 11 Surprising Facts

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Do You Know How Coffee Affects The Human Body?

This short article is about eleven effects that drinking coffee affects the human body. It is some of the most interesting truths about coffee effects has on a person’s body.

1. Mess Up One’s Ability To Sleep. It's #1 Coffee Affects The Human Body.

Throughout the day, the human body produces more and more adenosine, which binds to receptors, generating a sleepy response from the body. The longer that one is awake, the more binding, the sleepier one becomes. 

Coffee, with its caffeine, starts blocking those adenosine receptors, thereby making one feel less sleepy. This tended effect could become a negative effect. Caffeine can impact the human body’s circadian rhythm through its effects on melatonin, which can confuse one’s internal clock[1].

Coffee affects sleep pattern is one of the known truth about coffee affects the human body.
Cannot Sleep at 12.30 AM

2. Caffeine, The Key Ingredient of Coffee Affects The Human Body.

Most of the time caffeine can be useful in waking one up and keeping the human body stimulated; but it can also cause a jittery sensation in the human body, causing anxiety or sweatiness. 

 Coffee activates the fight or flight response from the body known as the sympathetic nervous system. Research has shown that overdoing caffeine by a small amount can increase baseline anxiety and the likelihood of panic attacks[2].

3. Stimulates Stress Hormones That Is The Most Critical Way Coffee Affects The Human Body.

Coffee stimulates a small gland that sits on top of one’s kidneys called the adrenals, which create adrenaline and stress hormones. Cortisol, this hormone, makes the vessels tight, which temporarily decreases some of the circulations in one’s hands, making them feel cold and look pale. Therefore, coffee can make one’s hands and feet feel cold[3].

4. Caffeine Is One of The Most Studied Performance-Enhancing Drugs.

NCAA has set a caffeine limit for its athletes by limiting concentrations to roughly 500 milligrams of caffeine or several cups of coffee. Coffee has been shown to have significant benefits to athletic performance, with low to moderate doses of caffeine 60 to 90 minutes before workouts and competitions, it can boost athletes’ focus, endurance, strength, and speed[4].

Coffee can enhance sports performance, it is a known truth about coffee affects the human body.
Coffee Can Enhance Sports Performance

5. Raises The Heart Rate And Blood Pressure Which Are The Most Notable Effects Coffee On The Human Body.

Coffee raises the heart rate and blood pressure temporarily due to the secretion of epinephrine adrenaline; even decaf coffee has the same effect as well. Research shows that long-term consumption of coffee does not cause hypertension. However, some patients, by removing caffeine from their diet entirely, have their blood pressure under better control[5].

6. Coffee Affects The Human Body's GI Systems Differently.

Some people associate coffee with the sudden urge to go to the bathroom; and for some, it could cause constipation. Research showed that decaf coffee has similar effects, so it is nothing to do with caffeine. The truth is coffee affects the hormone in the gastric that promotes digestion[6].

7. Make Acid Reflux Worse That Is A Very Relatable Coffee Effects On The Human Body.

Coffee increases gastric acid secretion. The bitter taste of coffee activates Type 2 taser receptors in people’s mouths, consequently, the human body secretes more acid[7].

8. A Mild Diuretic Which Is A Hidden Effects Coffee Affects The Human Body.

Coffee makes one pee more. Particularly if one drinks espressos, with lots of caffeine, the coffee can be dehydrated.  If one is not drinking an excessive amount of coffee, it’s usually not enough to become a problem[8].

9. Black Coffee Is Almost Calorie-Free.

Black coffee has around 1~2 calories at most because of its oil which the coffee aroma comes from.  Black coffee speeds up the body’s metabolic rate. As caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline, coffee decreases the level of feeling hungry, this effect holds true also for decaf[9].

Black coffee has almost no calories which is one of the known truth about coffee.
Black Coffee Has Almost No Calories

10. Coffee Interacts With Medications That Is Widely Known Fact by Medical Professionals.

Coffee interacts with medications in three different ways. First, coffee affects the absorption of medications. Second, coffee disrupts the metabolism of the medication through enzymes, which may increase or decrease the toxicity of the medicine. Third, coffee disrupts the excretion of the drugs, basically how long the medicine sticks around in one’s body[10][11].

11. Removing Coffee Could Be Difficult, My First Hand Personal Experience of Coffee Affects The Human Body.

Removing coffee is a double-edged sword because it could cause withdrawal symptoms as early as 12 to 24 hours. The reason people experience caffeine withdrawal headaches is that the blood vessels in the brain, which normally are kept tight and constricted due to the action of the caffeine, start to swell, and thus cause pain.[12].

Here are the most interesting known effects that coffee affects the human body. There are other things about coffee that you might NOT know, so if you like to know more, please check out my other blog posts, such as “Best Coffee Subscription Service In US“.

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