Keurig Slim vs Keurig Mini Plus: A Comprehensive Comparison

Last updated on January 15th, 2024 at 07:27 pm

Keurig Slim vs Keurig Mini Plus

A delicious cup of brewed coffee at home is a haven-sent treat, not everyone can have, especially if you have a tiny kitchen counter space, such as in a New York Apartment. Keurig Slim and Keurig Mini Plus are a good fit for such a tiny space and are there to satisfy any coffee lover’s craving.

K-Slim and K-Mini Plus are both compact coffee makers that offer quick coffee brewing but have limited functionality. Here are the main differences between the two:

Chart comparison between Keurig Slim and Keurig Mini Plus
Keurig Slim VS Keurig Mini Plus
Keurig slim is a good option for small household to make a cup of coffee quickly without making a mess.
Keurig Slim

Pros of the K-Slim:

  • Larger water reservoir capacity means you can brew more cups of coffee before having to refill.
  • Multi-stream technology for more even extraction and better flavor.
  • Strong brew button for a bolder cup of coffee.
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • Energy Star certified, so it’s energy-efficient.

Cons of the K-Slim:

KeurigMiniPlus - Copy
Keurig Mini Plus

Pros of the K-Mini Plus:

  • Compact and lightweight, making it ideal for small spaces.
  • More affordable than the K-Slim.
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • Energy Star certified, so it’s energy-efficient.

Cons of the K-Mini Plus:

  • Smaller water reservoir capacity, so you may need to refill it more often.
  • No multi-stream technology or strong brew button.


These coffee makers are designed to bring delicious coffee brew in a slim, compact, and efficient way. It is hard to choose between these two.

The decision for anyone to choose between them would have to depend on one’s living conditions, coffee-drinking preference, and budget. If you’re looking for a compact and affordable coffee maker, the Keurig Mini Plus is a good option.

However, if you’re looking for a coffee maker with a larger water reservoir, multi-stream technology, and a strong brew button, then the Keurig Slim is a better choice.

K-Cup knowledge:

K-Cups are single-serve coffee pods that can be used to brew a cup of coffee in a Keurig coffee maker. They are made of plastic and contain a pre-measured amount of ground coffee and a filter. K-Cups are convenient and easy to use, but they can also be expensive and wasteful.

  • K-Cups are compatible with all Keurig coffee makers.
  • K-Cups come in a variety of coffee flavors and roasts, as well as tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages.
  • K-Cups are convenient and easy to use. Simply insert a K-Cup into your Keurig coffee maker and press the brew button.
  • K-Cups can be expensive, especially if you drink a lot of coffee.
  • K-Cups are not recyclable in most areas.

Some tips for using K-Cups

  • Use filtered water for the best flavor.
  • Clean your Keurig coffee maker regularly to prevent clogging.
  • Descale your Keurig coffee maker every few months to remove mineral buildup.
  • Recycle your K-Cups if possible. There are a few companies that offer K-Cup recycling programs.

Some alternatives to K-Cups

  • Reusable K-Cup filters: These filters allow you to use your own ground coffee in a K-Cup.
  • Ground coffee: Ground coffee is more affordable than K-Cups and it is also more environmentally friendly.
  • Freshly roasted coffee: Freshly roasted coffee has the best flavor, but it requires a bit more effort to brew.

Which option is right for you depends on your budget, your needs, and your environmental concerns.


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