Cold Brew At Home: My #1 Quest For An Extreme Easy Kitchen Counter Concoction

Milk is poured over a short glass of cold brew coffee on a rusticated slate table. I was able to make cold brew at home without any fancy equipment.
Cold Brew At Home Made Easy

My Make Shift Cold Brew At Home

The allure of cold brew coffee had been brewing in my mind for a while. The promise of smooth, refreshing coffee, perfect for hot summer days or any other day, was too tempting to ignore. However, the fancy or expensive equipment and precise ratios I found online seemed daunting. Determined to avoid buying any fancy or expensive equipment online or at any store, and fueled by a thirst for cold brew, I embarked on a journey of experimentation with the tools I had readily available: a trusty stainless steel mug and a handheld sieve.

Here is the record of my cold brew at home journey:

this is the stainless steel mug I use to make cold brew at home.
My Mug Is Almost Identical To This One

My brewing vessel, a 3-cup stainless steel mug, might not have been the most conventional or beautiful choice, but it held the promise of a single-serving batch, perfect for a solo cold brew adventure. With 2.5 cups of water filling the mug to just below the rim, I embarked on the quest for the perfect coffee grounds. After some deliberation, I opted for 5 tablespoons of Liberica coffee, a bold bean known for its low acidity. Grinding the beans wasn’t an option, so I relied on pre-ground coffee, hoping for the best.

My Sieve Was Originally a Oil Filter

Eighteen hours later, the moment of truth arrived. Armed with my trusty handheld stainless steel fine mash sieve, I approached the mug with a touch of trepidation. Would my unorthodox approach yield a drinkable result? The first hurdle was successfully navigating the grounds through the sieve. The fine mesh did a surprisingly good job, capturing the spent coffee while allowing the precious cold brew to flow through.

The result of my cold brew at home:

The resulting brew was a revelation. The first sip brought a wave of smooth, refreshing coffee. The absence of bitterness or sourness was a testament to the cold brewing process and the low acidity of the Liberica beans. While the aroma wasn’t as intense as a freshly brewed hot cup, the taste more than compensated. It was a subtle symphony of coffee notes, perfectly complimented by the natural sweetness of the cold brew. I did mix it with a splash of fresh heavy cream though, that added another layer of smoothness to the taste.


Daily Routine Now: Cold Brew At Home

This kitchen counter cold brew became my daily companion. Each morning, the simple act of combining water and grounds in the mug, followed by the overnight wait, culminated in a delightful pick-me-up. It was a testament to the fact that delicious cold brew doesn’t require fancy equipment or precise measurements. Sometimes, all you need is a little ingenuity and a thirst for experimentation. Who knows, maybe your next culinary adventure awaits within the confines of your kitchen, waiting to be brewed with a little creativity.

The only drawback to my perfect cup of cold brew at home? It’s simply too delicious. Unlike some store-bought cold brews, this one is dangerously drinkable, easy, and simple to make. I can easily polish off 4 or more cups in a day, which, let’s be honest, is probably a recipe for caffeine overload.

Unfortunately, I was caught up in the daily grind and didn’t manage to capture the process with photos. However, I’m planning to document my next cold brew session visually so you can see this mug-brewing method in action!


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